Brayshaw provides contract update, reveals significant factor determining new deal

Brayshaw provides contract update, reveals significant factor determining new deal

Melbourne star Angus Brayshaw says he currently has no timeline on deciding his future.

The 26-year-old is currently out of contract and is a restricted free agent as the 2022 season nears a close. He is one of the biggest names still without a contract for next year and is reported to have met with Essendon last week.

speaking to SEN BreakfastBrayshaw said he was unfazed by the discussion surrounding his contract and is glad it hasn’t impacted his game.

“It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this is the most important decision I’ve got to make (with my career) and it’s not one I’m taking lightly at all,” he said.

“I’ve got a heap of due diligence to do to feel comfortable about the decision I make, obviously I haven’t decided yet. I understand that time is running out on the clock and people speculate, but fortunately I’m not making the decision for any of them, it’s a decision about what’s best for me and I’ll make it when I’m ready.

“One thing I’m quite proud of is that despite all the talk and the noise I haven’t really let it affect the way I play footy and commit to the team.

“I feel really comfortable about the process I’m going through at the moment.”

Uncertainty around Brayshaw’s future is rife given he’s yet to commit to the Demons for next year, who are also battling to retain Luke Jackson amidst rumors of a Fremantle move.

With the trade period a little over two months away, there’s no doubt pressure would be rising on the utility to make a call on his future.

However, he’s feeling none of it.

“I don’t want to be rushed into a decision or pressured into something when I’m not on board with, which hasn’t happened yet and isn’t going to happen,” Brayshaw added.

“There will be a time where I come out with something and make a decision.

“I’m making sure I absolutely nail this one… it’s the rest of my career we’re talking about, so it’s not something I’m taking lightly.”

Brayshaw is speculated to be chasing a positional move if he shifts away from Melbourne, currently playing off half back for Simon Goodwin’s side.

He started his career as a midfielder but has played a number of different roles in his eight years at the club, admitting where he plays on the ground will be a significant factor in determining his next contract.

“It (position) is certainly something that comes into calculations,” Brayshaw stated.

“I’ve heard all sorts of theories about where I play my best footy… I’m really loving playing on the half back flank this year.

“It came a bit out of nowhere and I absolutely love being a part of that group.”

He’s averaging 24.9 disposals per game in 2022, while also averaging career highs in marks (8.6) and rebound 50s (4.1).


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