A woman holds out an avocado to camera.

Celebrity chef Matt Golinski and avocado lovers share tips for eating more avos

Ditch butter for avocados or turn them into ice cream — avo lovers are making the most out of the popular fruit while they’re going cheap.

This year, growers are producing an average of 22 avocados per Australian and the oversupply has meant prices are at an all-time low on supermarket shelves.

For Queensland celebrity chef Matt Golinski there’s no better way to start the day.

“There’s no day that I wouldn’t wake up and just make a piece of toast and smash avocado onto it and go for it,” he says.

“To start the day, it’s one of my very favorite things.”

Avocado can replace butter in baking like in Lucia Philip’s avo-choc brownie.(Supplied: Lucia Philip)

Childers avocado grower Lucia Philip has suggested one very smooth way of supporting the industry — ditching butter for avo in cooking.

“You can actually just replace butter with avocado in any of those recipes, in any cake recipe,” Ms Philip says.

Mr Golinski agreed it was a great time to get creative in the kitchen and minimize waste.

“If you were to make avocado ice cream and have that at a later time then that’s a good way of using them up,” he says.

“I actually grew up on an avocado farm and Mum used to make avocado ice cream.

A chef stands smiling in a kitchen.
Chef Matt Golinski says avocados contain healthy fats.(Facebook: Matt Golinski)

“As a kid that seems a pretty weird thing to make but, really, you just take advantage of the fact that it’s a beautifully fatty fruit.

“It is a really good healthy fat and a monounsaturated fat, so it’s actually good for you.”

Avo tips and tricks

If you are wondering how you could possibly buy more avocados without them all ripening at once on the kitchen bench, the advice is to buy them at different stages of ripeness.

“Get one or two for today and a few more that aren’t quite ripe that you can have later in the week,” Avocados Australia chief executive John Tyas says.

“Leave them on the bench until they’re ripe and you’ll have your own little supply chain at home.”

An avocado cut in half, with one half showing scratches on the outside of the fruit.
Small scratches from rubbing while growing have no impact on the fruit.(Supplied: Brooklet Farms)

And if you’re trying to ripen them faster, Mr Golinski suggests the old trick of pairing them with bananas.

“You can put them in a paper bag with a ripe banana, that’ll speed things up a little bit,” he says.

They can also be frozen, but Mr Tyas warns they tend to lose some of the creamy texture once thawed.

An avocado about to be placed into a mixing bowl.
Avocado can replace oil and butter in baking.(Supplied: Brooklet Farms)

While smashed avo on toast and guacamole are fan favourites, there are many other ways the healthy fruit can be incorporated into meals.

“At this time of year and in the cooler months there are a whole lot of other warm dishes that you can use,” Mr Tyas says.

“While they’re such good value, it’s a great opportunity to go and try something a little bit different and you might be really surprised.”


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