Glamorous FIFO worker now earning $3200 a week

Glamorous FIFO worker now earning $3200 a week

A FIFO worker has revealed that she now makes $3200 a week after tax, as she’s just received a huge pay boost.

British expat Megan Meeke, 27, used to be a flight attendant before starting work in the mines in the Pilbara in Western Australia.

She made headlines earlier this month when she took to social media to talk about the impressive income she was making from her job. At the time, she was making $2,400.

That figure has now been bumped by more than 30 per cent since she completed an eight hour course that gave her more registered skills to use on job sites.

Ms Meeke said she obtained tickets in confined spaces, working at heights and gas testing atmospheres, which she said helped her get a job as a trade assistant.

She also posted a video on TikTok earlier in the week showing her celebrating signing a new contract worth $3,200 a week.

And she pointed out that it’s easy to save while working FIFO because everything on site is paid for including food, drinks and accommodation.

However, she was also quick to point out the downsides. At times she has to work long hours, even up to 77 hours a week, with some commenters on her TikTok page pointing out that it would mean she only makes the equivalent of $41 an hour.

Ms Meeke also deals with offensive comments from male colleagues.

Her grueling shift pattern sees her work two full weeks in a row, and up to 14 hours a day – but then she gets a week off to indulge in a glamorous jetset lifestyle.

This allows for more travel time, and she ventures all over Australia and overseas, including to luxury destinations like the Maldives and Dubai.

“It is definitely a tiring job but also an amazing lifestyle if you are someone who wants to travel the world and earn amazing money,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“FIFO is something I really do recommend, especially if you are young and want to travel, you earn amazing money and the lifestyle is great.

“You work hard for two weeks, then you have your week off to go off to another country or explore more of Australia, then go back to work, work hard, earn big money and then travel again.”

Mining sector jobs are consistently ranked as offering the highest average salary in Australia, but this has caused a level of misinformation in the general public, workers say.

Despite the number one rank, data from SEEK revealed an average salary for someone working in the mining industry was $116,000 – a drop of 13.96 per cent from 2013.


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