Ricky Nixon scuffles with Seb Costello as journo asks about IVF drips

Ricky Nixon scuffles with Seb Costello as journo asks about IVF drips

Journalist Seb Costello says his employer, the Nine Network, will be providing footage to police after cameras captured former AFL player manager Ricky Nixon’s elbow appearing to make contact with his face.

The A Current Affair reporter approached Nixon outside his home in Port Melbourne on Wednesday about his new business venture involving unproven intravenous infusion treatments.

Nixon has been promoting a new partnership to provide Victorians with IV drips for $350 that the Australian Medical Association says can’t be trusted.

Footage captured by the Seven Network shows the moment Costello attempts to ask Nixon questions.

As Costello approaches from behind, Nixon throws his right arm back in Costello’s direction and makes connection with his face.

“Sorry,” Nixon can be heard saying.

“Mate, that’s not acceptable,” Costello says.

Speaking with 3AW on Wednesday afternoon, Costello said police would be provided with footage of the incident. No charges have been laid.

“I’m on Bay Street Port Melbourne, I was investigating a story the Herald Sun first reported this morning about former AFL player agent Ricky Nixon and the Australian Medical Association had some issues with intravenous injections that he was offering as a health service,” Costello said.

“Anyway, Mr Nixon has come out of his home in Port Melbourne, and I approached him. I’ll be very careful how I describe what happens next, because there’s a video of this on our A Current Affair cameras that we’ll be providing to the police so this is filmed as it happened.

“And I’ll be careful how I characterize it, but in the process of speaking with Mr Nixon, his elbow has made contact with my jaw.”

Asked if he was OK, Costello said: “This is a first for me.”

“I mean, you know, we go into these situations asking questions with the cameras rolling so, I can appreciate how that’s a provocative situation.

“But it wasn’t only me. Channel 7 journalist Tegan Dolling, who’s a friend and colleague, was there.”

He said there was “some sort of contact between her and Mr Nixon” but did not want to elaborate.

Footage shared by Seven shows Dolling asking Nixon about the IV drips.

“I can tell you this, the Australian Medical Association might want to offer an explanation pretty quickly,” Nixon said.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, AMA Victoria President Dr Roderick McRae said people should see a GP for IV treatments rather than unregulated services.

“It’s very intriguing how interesting characters seem to offer often vulnerable patients information for very large sums of money, and a fool and their money are easily separated,” Dr McRae said.

“There’s no evidence any of this helps with Covid and, frankly, there’s no evidence that this helps with anything.”

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