St. Louis Flood Emergency Live Updates: Cars Stranded, Rescues Ongoing

St. Louis Flood Emergency Live Updates: Cars Stranded, Rescues Ongoing

  • First responders evacuated residents from a neighborhood in Ladue, Missouri.
  • Many vehicles were stranded and submerged across the St. Louis metro area.
  • First responders were rescuing people from stranded vehicles.

People were being evacuated from their homes and rescued from their vehicles in floodwaters across the St. Louis metro area after storms dumped a historic amount of rainfall on the area in just a few hours.

A flash flood emergency warning of a “life-threatening situation” was issued for the area through the late morning. This is the most severe and urgent flood warning that the National Weather Service issues.

Here’s the latest news from the area.

(8:17 a.m. ET) Airport Records Nearly 8 Inches Of Rain in About 6 hours

St. Louis Lambert International Airport has now picked up 7.90 inches of rain since just before 1 am

That’s a little more than double their average monthly July rainfall in just over 6 hours.

(8:04 a.m. ET) Why Are Flash Floods So Dangerous?

A flash flood is one that happens suddenly, usually in the span of an hour, but sometimes in just minutes.

It can happen when heavy rain falls over already soaked ground or mountainous terrain, turning usually placid creeks and streams into rushing torrents spilling out of their banks.

Underpasses and other low-lying areas of cities and towns can flood quickly when storm sewers can’t drain water running off paved surfaces fast enough.

Click here to read more on how to stay safe during this type of emergency.

(6:55 a.m. ET) I-70 Blocked Due To Flooding

Water is covering Interstate 70 in St. Peters, Missouri, according to social media posts.

(6:45 a.m. ET) Water Entering At Least One Home

A resident posted on social media that their home is flooding.

“Guys, please pray for me and my family, we are in the middle of a flash flood and it is getting very scary right now,” a tweet from the person read.

(6:35 a.m. ET) St. Louis Sets Rainfall Record

So much rain has fallen in such a short period of time that this is now St. Louis’ all-time record wettest day. Records here go back 148 years. The old record was set on August 20, 1915.

(6:10 a.m. ET) Evacuating Subdivision

Evacuations were underway in the Foxboro subdivision in Ladue, Missouri, Because of flooding, the Ladue Assistant Fire Chief Jeff Johnson told KDSK.

(6:00 a.m. ET) Water Rescues Ongoing

The St. Louis Fire Department said that water rescues are ongoing across the meter. They said that several vehicles were “completely submerged” on roads across the area.

(5:50 a.m. ET) Reporters Rescued From I-70 Flooding

Two local journalists got trapped in high waters and had to be rescued on I-70 westbound near the Jennings exit. “Our car ended up getting carried under the overpass,” KSDK reporter Sydney Stallworth said. “You would not believe the amount of cars stranded across the area.”

(5:30 a.m. ET) Up To 10 Inches Of Rain So Far

The National Weather Service in St. Louis said 6-10″ of rain has fallen across the metro area. Senior meteorologist Chris Dolce said that the flooding was caused by storms that “repeatedly soaked the same areas for multiple hours, similar to how a train would move down a track.”


Rainfall totals in the St. Louis metro area overnight.

(4:50 a.m. ET) Cars Stuck Downtown

(4:30 a.m. ET) Parts Of Interstate 70 Shut Down

Parts of I-70 are closed in both directions into downtown St. Louis because of high water.

This is a breaking news situation. Check back frequently for the latest updates.

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