Woolworths shoppers under fire over brazen TikTok acts with the supermarket's 'free fruit for kids'

Woolworths shoppers under fire over brazen TikTok acts with the supermarket’s ‘free fruit for kids’

A series of new videos has exposed the way some Woolworths customers treat the supermarket’s “Free Fruit For Kids” displays.

In the TikTok posts, two adult shoppers have brazenly boasted about how they walk around Woolies eating the complimentary apples, bananas and mandarins on offer for children.

Watch the controversial Woolworths videos above

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They both claim to eat the free kids’ fruit and then leave their local Woolworths store without purchasing any items.

“Walking into Woolworths for the free fruit, pretending to shop whilst eating them and then leaving without buying anything,” one TikTok user wrote, alongside a video of himself walking through the store.

Another Woolworths shopper shared footage of herself eating a banana in store with the caption: “Woolies employees watching me walk in, grab the free fruit for kids, walk around a bit then leave without buying anything.”

The controversial acts have been revealed in two TikTok videos. Credit: ryankhong/TikTok

The outrageous confessions attracted harsh criticism from some TikTok users.

“I feel like it’s illegal to do it,” said one.

Another said: “Those are for kids.”

A third described one of the shoppers as a “menace to society”.

One shopper admitted to eating the ‘free fruit for kids’ – and then leaving without purchasing any items. Credit: biancafoubert/TikTok

But in an alarming twist, other adult TikTok users admitted that they too took the kids’ fruit for themselves.

“I legit do laps around the shop just eating all the free fruit until i’m full,” said one.

Added another: “I got yelled at cause apparently it’s just for little kids.”

A third wrote: “Not me going in with my baby pretending that’s it’s for him even though he is too small to eat.”

One more said: “My fiancé gets me one when we go shopping together.”

Write another: “My friend got her ID checked for doing this.”

Another shopper admitted to eating the free kids fruit as he walked through Woolies. Credit: ryankhong/TikTok

A Woolworths team member agreed it was an issue at their local store.

“As a fruit and veg worker at Woolies, I see this all day. The amount of 80-year-olds that do this …” the employee said.

Woolworths first introduced its popular “Free Fruit For Kids” campaign in 2015, offering a range of fresh produce for kids to enjoy while shopping with their parents.

The initiative was met with widespread applause from Australian parents.

“Love this, great thinking Woolworths. My kids can munch away on a healthy piece of fruit whilst I do my shopping,” said one mum.

“We have done this already quite a few times.”

The shopper shared footage of himself brazenly taking three pieces of the free fruit. Credit: ryankhong/TikTok

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